Hogue Le Grip Govt Rubber

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Hogues LE Grips have a fully programmable, digitally-controlled microprocessor circuit. Hogues designers capitalized on this advantage by programming three operating modes steady, flashing, or stealth target and four user-selectable intensity levels into the LE Grips circuit. They also tapped into sophisticated power management routines to ensure long life from two common CR-2032 batteries hidden under the grip on the non-laser side an important design feature enabling battery changes that dont take the laser out of zero. Each LE Grip is bore-sighted at the factory while fine windage and elevation adjustments are available via small set screws. All of the Hogue LE Grips programming features are accessible via pressure-sensitive programming buttons on the grip.
  • 1911 Government Model Rubber Laser Enhanced Grip with Red Laser
  • Ruggedized 4mm Laser Diode to Withstand Recoil
  • Programmable Micro-Processor for Flashing, Stealth Target or Steady Modes and 4 Levels of Brightness
  • Precision Cut Piranha Grip Textured G10 Grip Panels