Harris BiPod Hinged Base 9-13 inches S-LM

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SPORTSMAN SHARPENERThe ideal universal sharpener. Not only is it perfect for re-sharpening G5 broadheads; (or any other broadheads for that matter); it is also designed to sharpen your hunting and fishing knives plus many other household items; even scissors. The Sportman Sharpener features premium-grade carbide that sharpens even the toughest of materials. It is an awesome addition to the hunter's tackle box or the homemaker's utility drawer. The ability to "slide" the cabide along the track also increases the carbide life by 600% compared to other "carbide-style" sharpeners that are not adjustable!
  • ideal universal sharpener
  • improved version of the orginal leg noth bipod
  • legs eject by spring action
  • seven height setting from 9 to 13 inches
  • hinged base